How Sneaker Heads Light Better Product Photography Fast with Halumin.

Ask a few sneaker heads about what makes a great shoe and you are likely to get a lot of different answers. You hear about design, style, limited editions; one thing will be clear however, details matter. So it makes sense that when selling a great sneaker, you need a great image. Halumin can achieve studio lighting looks fast for product photography on location or in studio. We stopped by Urban Outlet in Jacksonville NC to see how well Halumin performs with Sneakers. Our photoshoot was fast and in around 10 minutes we had a lot of kicks captured with beautiful product photography lighting. 

@haluminphoto Halumin helps photographers of all skill levels achive studio photography lighting looks faster in studio or on location. @haluminphoto #productphotography #shoecheck #shoephotography #halumin #shoegame ♬ Run Boy Run – Woodkid

With Halumin, get studio-quality product photography of sneakers fast.

Sneaker heads know that details matter in product photography. Sneakers have unusual shapes and compound textures, making them a challenge to light for photography, until now. Halumin’s open cylindrical geometry makes lighting for sneakers fast and easy. Just place your subject in Halumin’s staging area and get to capturing. With very little adjustments to the angle of Halumin you can find the perfect lighting fast for each product. The images below plus about 20 more were all captured at a photoshoot in a store within 20 minutes from setup to final image.

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