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Halumin: The Best Light Modifier for Easy Product Photography

No matter what type of photography you do, if you use light modifiers, you should absolutely check out Halumin. Halumin is more than just an awesome light modifier; it’s a way to make your product photography look more professional and clean right from the start of the process, which can help you attract more customers and make more sales. Halumin is the first of a new category of photography light modifiers that we call Open Cylindrical (OC) lighting.

Introducing Halumin

As an international commercial photographer that travels with a lot of lighting gear, Halumin’s inventor, Jeremy Mason McGraw has thought a-lot about how to get the most out of every piece of gear. The seed for Halumin has been growing in his head for over a decade. His concept was a lighting modifier that could wrap around smaller subjects to isolate them in a layer of light, accentuate textures, create rim light while not producing hard shadows. Then in 2020 when his travel work stopped, he set out to build the first prototype. Two years later, after a solid investment in development, Halumin, the first Open Cylindrical Lighting modifier is born.

Open Cylindrical Lighting

Open Cylindrical Lighting makes your subject pop and shine without harsh shadows. Not only does it produce a gorgeous even light on your subject, but it creates beautiful specular highlights on reflective surfaces like glassware or metal as well. OC lighting is intuitive to work with for amateurs and professionals. Simply hold the Halumin directly over the area you want lit, then rotate it so that your subject is in the center of the disc. Voila! You now have beautiful lighting! Adjust your subject by moving it upstage of Halumin’s staging area and you soften the light on your subject. Move it downstage and you get even rim light.

3 Ways to Use Halumin for Product Photography

With Halumin, you can take your entire lighting environment to your subject. This makes many traditionally tricky lighting setups quick work. Using mobile device enabled flashes, such as the Profoto A10, to power Halumin makes it even easier. Here are 3 ways you can use Halumin to make product photography easy. 

Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay photography is as simple as laying Halumin flat on a table and placing your subject directly in the center. Adjust the position as needed to achieve just the right amount of hi-lights and texture.

Shipwreck Photography - Halumin

Upright Details

If you need an upright detail you can take Halumin to your subject and hold it up centering your subject in the staging area and adjusting the position until the composition and lighting is perfect.

Macaroon Photos

Rim Lighting

Rim lighting is incredibly easy with Halumin. Simply Halumin on its end and positioning your subject downstage of the center. Is this the easiest way invented to achieve rim lighting ?

Emmy Photography with Halumin

Who Should Use Halumin?

Professional Photographers and Amateurs can benefit from Halumin. It is a versatile light modifier that can be used in a variety of situations, and locations. Its sets up quickly and requires very little space, saving you time on every setup.

Back us on Kickstarter

We have been developing Halumin for two years and we have done everything short of placing the purchase order. This is where we need your help. Your support on our kickstarter will help us to launch manufacturing and change the game with Open Cylindrical Lighting.

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