Halumin - Product Photography Lighting for Stills and Video

With the launch of Halumin H18 a new category of lighting modifier, Open Cylindrical Lighting (OCL), comes to life. 

Halumin simplifies the mechanics of photography and video lighting set-up into a single and intuitive to use device.

Halumin helps amateurs light like pros and pros work faster. 

Play Video about Halumin - Product Photography and Food Photography light modifier.

Halumin is a new kind of light modifier for product photography, food photography and more. Halumin utilizes open cylindrical geometry to create an initiative and tactile experience when lighting you video and photography projects.

New to Halumin? Here are some tips to setup and use your new device.

Halumin H18 Photography Lighting Modifier

Open Cylindrical Lightning (OCL) for Video and Still Photography