Halumin - Product Photography Lighting for Stills and Video

Patent-pending Halumin™ a new category of light modifiers known as Open Cylindrical™ (OC), allowing users to capture studio-quality images almost anywhere.

Compatible with various lighting sources, its versatile design enables users to compose a wide range of images using just one device.

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Halumin is a smart choice for photographers and videographers of all skill levels and devices, from full-sized cameras to smartphones, who want to capture studio-quality images more efficiently and easily than ever before. The intuitive Open Cylindrical™ geometry and user-friendly design tackles challenging subjects quickly while taking up significantly less space compared to traditional studio setups. 

New to Halumin? Here are some tips to setup and use your new device.

Halumin™ H18 Open Cylindrical™ Photography Lighting Modifier

Open Cylindrical™ (OC) Lighting Modifier for Video and Still Photography

Revolutionary: Patent-pending design creates a new category of lighting modifier
Compatible: Uses 1 or 2 speedlights, continuous LED lighting, and studio strobes
Versatile: Captures multiple lighting effects and minimizes the need for extra gear
Intuitive: Controls light with simple manual adjustments
Small: Opens to 36×36 inch (914×914 mm) and packs to 15×15 inch (381×381 mm)
Fast: Sets up and resets quickly
Adaptable: Offers freestyle/handheld mode or fixed/studio mode
Portable: Under four pounds, collapsible, and the case fits H18, speedlights, and accessories
Durable: Constructed with extra tough materials
Community: We actively engage with community, sharing information, tips, and offers

A handheld Open Cylindrical™ photography studio for small subjects powered by speedlights.

A powerful photography lighting workspace configuration for your small subject photoshoot needs. 

A solo photographer’s essentials for Open Cylindrical photography lighting powered by speedlights.