You Don’t Need to be a Jewelry Photographer for Great Jewelry Photography

Jewelry photography can be tricky for many. Most try to capture with natural light but if it’s not a good day the product doesn’t look so great and that reflects in the image. Some find themselves using basic lighting from light tents, making do because they think only professional photographers will know how to get anything magic out of their products when it comes to jewelry photography lighting. But that’s where Halumin comes in; this new kind of modifier takes jewelry photography and turns it into something anyone can do!

@haluminphoto Jewelry designer Heidi J Hale talks about using photography lighting for the first time with Halumin. I the past her natural lighting style has been a problem so she decided to try photography lighting with Halumin. Thanks for visiting with us Heidi. #jewelryphotography #jewelrybusiness #jewelerydesigner #photographer #photographylighting #photoshoot #halumin @haluminphoto ♬ BORN FOR THIS – Foxxi

Recently we were introduced to jewelry designer Heidi J Hale at her studio in Muncie Indiana. Heidi runs a successful jewelry brand and makes most of her sales on her website. She also captures most of her product images using her iphone in natural light when the sky is clear. However, when skies darken, so too does the quality of her jewelry photography; which then affects both customer interaction and purchase rate accordingly. 

@haluminphoto Jewelry photography lighting with Halumin and designer Heidi J Hale. Halumin is a new kind of photography lighting modifier; it’s compact, fast and portable. #jewelry #jewelryphotography #jewelrydesigner #photoshoot #photographylighting #productphotographyathome #halumin @haluminphoto ♬ The Loneliest Time – Carly Rae Jepsen & Rufus Wainwright

When we met Heidi she had never captured with photography lighting but she was looking for a solution to her jewelry lighting problem. We set her up with a quick course on how to use Halumin and she took to it like gleaming light on shimmering silver. After a few minutes of practice Heidi began capturing jewelry images like a pro and according to her Halumin “changed her life”.  The jewelry photography below was all captured by Heidi with an iphone during her first use of Halumin. 

Jewelry Photography with Heidi J Hale and Halumin lighting

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