Halumin™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You have questions? We have answers to your frequently asked questions about everything Halumin™. 

Halumin™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you can quickly find the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about Halumin™. If you are looking for Halumin tutorials, tips and usage information you can find that on our getting started page as well as in our stories. Still can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us, using the chat box in the bottom corner of this page.

A: The Halumin™ H18 is a first-of-its-kind, light modifier that introduces a new category known as Open Cylindrical™ (OC). This innovative patent-pending design allows users to capture professional images nearly anywhere they can take their lights faster, simpler, and easier than with traditional photography lighting tools. The “H18” in its name signifies the 18-inch diameter of its staging area, which is the space available for placing the subject. Find out more about the Halumin H18 Here.

A: The Halumin™ H18 is a single, portable device that can pull the weight of multiple traditional lighting tools. Its patented Open Cylindrical™ (OC) design can create an extensive range of looks and effects, from soft light to accentuated textures and rim lighting, all without creating hard shadows. 

Because it is a single device, it simplifies and speeds up setups, reducing the amount of gear needed for professional images. It’s the perfect tool for photographers and professionals who need high-quality images quickly, easily, and nearly anywhere.

A: The versatile Halumin™ H18 excels with diverse subjects and effects, adapting seamlessly to studio or on-site use, compatible  with both flash and LED lights. Its portability, easy setup, and quick reset makes it a go-to tool for various needs. The “H18” in Halumin’s™ title denotes its 18-inch staging area, catering to photography or videography of any object that can fully or partially occupy this space.

A: The Halumin™H18 is designed for small subjects like products, food, artifacts and more. It excels at highlighting textures and contours, creating sleek reflections, producing seamless rim light, and providing soft, even lighting, all without hard shadows. It’s a versatile tool for a wide range of photography and video. Anything that can fit (fully or partially) within Halumins 18” staging area is an excellent subject for Halumin.

A: The Halumin™ H18, with its 18-inch staging area, is optimized for diverse subjects ranging from products, to food, artifacts, plants, textiles, and more. It enhances textures and contours, crafts sleek reflections, yields seamless rim light and ensures soft, uniform lighting without hard shadows. Any subject fitting wholly or partly within its 18″ zone is a prime candidate for this versatile photography and videography tool.

A: The Halumin™ H18 is an adaptable tool, designed to elevate photography and videography of a diverse range of subjects almost anywhere. This extends from historic artifacts to trending Amazon products, from flowers to footprints in the field, food & beverages, intricate jewelry, and beyond.


Halumin delivers consistent, high-quality results across varied subjects in a streamlined design. Furthermore, its easy repositioning capability is particularly valuable for capturing multiple perspectives of immovable subjects, such as forensic evidence or delicate artifacts. Its compact design enables users to achieve professional-grade results almost anywhere they can set up their Halumin and power their lights.

A: The Halumin™ H18 is a compact, multi-functional tool that can do the work of a suite of traditional modifiers such as light tents (without losing detail and allowing for more portability and control over the look), ring lights (except it can be powered by flashes or LEDs), multi light setups (without the need for multiple modifiers and flags), all in one efficient package. Despite its minimal footprint, it empowers users to create a broad spectrum of lighting moods and effects for small subjects in the staging area, including soft light, highlighted textures, and seamless rim lighting—essentially anywhere, without requiring any extra gear.

Adjustments and resets are simple and made by simply manipulating one self-contained device. A variety of shots, even of traditionally tricky subjects, can be achieved swiftly. In only a few minutes, you can capture a flat-lay photo, an upright detail shot, and beautiful rim lighting, all while using only one Halumin. This efficiency gives photographers and videographers a competitive edge, enabling them to create a broader range of studio-quality images faster and with fewer resources, ultimately improving ROI.

A: The Halumin™ H18 uses patent-pending Open Cylindrical™ (OC) geometry, which acts like a “physical lighting preset”.  OC design reshapes the light from various sources, such as flashes, speedlights, studio strobes, or continuous LED lights, creating an even, narrow cylinder of light around your subject. At the same time, it flags the light off of the background and camera lens, creating a lighting layer that is easy and intuitive to control. This design allows you to create a wide range of lighting effects and moods without the need for additional equipment.

A: The Halumin™ H18 can generate a multitude of lighting effects and moods without extra reflectors, flags, or stands. It enhances textures and contours often overlooked by the naked eye, creates elegant reflections on glossy surfaces, produces seamless rim light, and provides uniform diffused light that softens textures, all without causing hard shadows. 

Flat lay compositions, transparent objects, and reflective subjects can all benefit from Open Cylindrical™ (OC) design innovations. With simple and quick adjustments, users can achieve a vast array of lighting qualities and moods. 

  • Softening Textures / Soft Light / Diffused Light: Positioning a subject on the far side of Halumin’s staging area will bathe it in diffused light, softening textures. 
  • Enhancing Texture / Hard Light / 360 Hatchet Light: Placing a subject in the center will create a unique, texture-enhancing light without hard shadows. 
  • Silhouette and Seamless Rim Light: Moving a subject in front of Halumin will create a striking silhouette with a pronounced rim light. 
  • Highlights, Moods, Mixing Effects, and Adjustments are Easy: Creators can open and close Halumin’s Dual Light Control Rings, as well as adjust the angle of Halumin and their subject to blend multiple effects.

A: Using Halumin™ H18 is intuitive and straightforward. You control the lighting effect by adjusting the position of your subject, changing the angle of Halumin, and adjusting the light control rings. For softer light, move your subject away from the camera. For enhanced textural details, move it towards the camera. To achieve seamless rim lighting, move your subject in front of the Halumin staging area. You can also adjust Halumin’s dual control light rings to create different highlights and moods. All these adjustments can be made without the need to reset lighting stands or reflectors. For more detailed instructions and tutorials, visit our getting started page.

A: Yes, Halumin™ H18 can be used for video as well. It can achieve the same lighting effects as it does for photography. To use Halumin H18 for video, you’ll need a pair of continuous LED, COB lights with power of 100w – 150w per head. Please ensure that your light source is compatible with Halumin’s specifications and tolerances. For more detailed information, please refer to the Halumin user guide or visit our website.

A: The Halumin™ H18 is a versatile tool beneficial to anyone seeking professional imagery, whether in a studio or on location. It’s an asset to business owners aiming for top-notch product images, professional photographers desiring a streamlined setup, or mobile users striving to elevate their images. Halumin can help almost anyone that wants a single simple lighting tool to create professional images of small subjects. 

Its compact design allows for quick setup, fast resets, and easy transportation, making it ideal for both studio and  on-the-go shoots. By combining the functions of multiple traditional lighting tools into one device, Halumin H18 saves time, space, and effort, while delivering studio-quality results that would typically require more complex setups.

A: Halumin™ was invented by international commercial and luxury hotel photographer Jeremy Mason McGraw. Over Jeremy’s 20 years in professional photography, he started to notice that some of his commonly used lighting setups, particularly for food and fine dining photography, were of a similar configuration and were comprised of 3-4 lights all with modifiers and stands.  An idea began to form on how he could save a significant amount of time and effort with photography lighting by consolidating this setup into a single, portable device. In 2020 Jeremy built his first working prototype and Halumin’s Open Cylindrical™ lighting was born.

A: The Halumin™ H18 is a versatile tool that can benefit a wide range of industries, including:

  • Professional Photographers: For those who want to work more efficiently in more places with less gear.
  • Image-Driven Professionals: For individuals in professions where high-quality images are crucial, such as e-commerce and online retailers (shoes, tools, etc.)​, online sellers (eBay, Etsy, etc.), business owners, food bloggers, restaurant owners/chefs, and artists.
  • Preservationists: Institutions, collectors, and educators who need to capture detailed images of artifacts, collections for preservation photography or educational materials.
  • Image Powerhouses: Businesses or individuals who produce a high volume of images and need a quick, efficient lighting solution, such as Amazon sellers, distributors, agencies, brands, and large retailers.
  • Image Enthusiasts: Hobbyists or amateur photographers who want to enhance the look of their images with professional lighting.
  • Mobile Device Photographers: Individuals who primarily use their mobile devices for photography and want the highest quality images with professional-level lighting.

A: Yes, the Halumin™ H18 is designed for both freestyle/handheld mode and fixed/studio mode, providing flexibility for different shooting environments and preferences.

A: Open Cylindrical™ (OC) Lighting  is a patent-pending technology available exclusively on Halumin™, functioning much like a “physical lighting preset”. The OC design reshapes light from a variety of sources, including speedlights, studio strobes, and continuous LED lights, to form a consistent, narrow cylinder of isolated light around your subject. 

At the same time, it flags the light off of the background and camera lens, creating a lighting layer that is easy and intuitive to control. This design allows you to create a wide range of lighting effects and moods without the need for additional equipment. It’s like a self contained photography studio for small subjects.

  • Revolutionary: Patent-pending OC design creates a new category of lighting modifier
  • Compatible: Uses 1 or 2 speedlights, continuous LED lighting, and studio strobes
  • Versatile: Captures multiple lighting effects and minimizes the need for extra gear
  • Intuitive: Controls light with simple manual adjustments
  • Small/Light: Open 36×36 inch (914×914 mm), packed15x15 inch (381×381 mm), 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
  • Fast: Sets up in mere minutes and resets in seconds 
  • Adaptable: Use almost anywhere – freestyle/handheld or fixed/studio mode
  • Portable: Under four pounds, collapsible, and the case fits H18, speedlights, and accessories
  • Durable: Constructed with extra tough and thick material
  • Community: Tutorials, tips, and exclusive offers on HaluminPhoto.com, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

A: To use Halumin™ a camera and set of compatible speedlights are needed for handheld/freestyle use. For fixed/studio setups using Bowens mount LEDs of Studio Strobes, a set of Studio Lighting Adapters is required.

A: Halumin can be used with 1 or 2 light sources and supports speedlights, continuous LED, COB lights, and studio strobes making it suitable for a multitude of lighting situations and preferences. Halumin is compatible with most brands of speedlights out of the box because of its adjustable speedlight straps. The optional Studio Lighting Adapters’ (SLA) allow for Bowens mount LEDs and studio strobes. The interchangeable 144mm speedrings can also be user replaced on the SLAs with speed rings that are compatible with your preferred brand of lighting.

A: Halumin™ is designed around a revolutionary lighting geometry called Open Cylindrical™. This unique lighting environment works like a miniaturized photography studio. Our patent pending photography lighting modifier shapes the light from 1 or 2 light sources around a narrow cylindrical shape that surrounds your subject with a thin unbroken band of soft light; creating a variable lighting effect that goes from soft even light, to dramatic texture enhancing light to full rim lighting as you pass your subject thru it. 

A handheld Open Cylindrical™ photography studio for small subjects powered by speedlights.

A powerful photography lighting workspace configuration for your small subject photoshoot needs. 

A solo photographer’s essentials for Open Cylindrical photography lighting powered by speedlights.