Your Bakery Photography: A Food Photography Lighting Setup with Halumin at Mayte Sweets Bakery

In today’s digital era, having captivating photography is essential for any bakery looking to entice customers with their delectable treats. A good photograph can evoke the sweet aroma and taste of baked goods, making it irresistible for viewers. But how can a local bakery like Mayte Sweets in New Bern, NC, achieve professional photography without breaking the bank? Enter Halumin™ H18, a revolutionary light modifier that simplifies your food photography lighting setup. In this blog post, we’ll share a video where Haley, the Front of House Manager at Mayte Sweets, uses Halumin for the first time to photograph scrumptious items in-store.

Most tutorials showcase professionals in action, but the beauty of Halumin lies in its ease of use, even for photography novices. Unlike other complex lighting setups, Halumin provides a straightforward, user-friendly solution for achieving professional results. In the featured video, I step back from the lens and guide Haley as she navigates her first encounter with photography lighting, using a Halumin studio set powered by LEDs to capture enticing images right in the bustling environment of the bakery.

Benefits of Halumin for Bakery Photography:

The Halumin™ H18 is not just a tool for experienced photographers; it’s a gateway for businesses on a DIY budget to produce high-quality images in-house. With its patented Open Cylindrical™ design, Halumin offers a versatile range of lighting effects from soft illumination to accentuated textures and rim lighting, all without creating hard shadows, making it an ideal choice for photography in restaurants and bakeries.

Portrait photography and food photography lighting setup using Halumin.
Portrait photography lighting on the go using Halumin

Haley’s Experience:

Never having worked with photography lighting before, Haley found the Halumin intuitive and easy to use. The simplicity of setup allowed her to capture professional images amidst the regular cafe hustle and bustle. The results were impressive; the bakery items were illuminated perfectly, highlighting their mouthwatering textures and colors.

Halumin Configuration for Businesses:

If your business often requires on-the-go photography, pairing Halumin with speedlights is an ideal setup. However, for those with a regular spot for product photography like a bakery, the studio set used in this video is a solid configuration, ensuring that the food photography lighting setup is always ready to spotlight the day’s fresh bakes.

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