Who Is Jeremy Mason McGraw Anyway?

You may have come to this page thru a number of websites and social media pages and are wondering… who is Halumin’s Inventor Jeremy Mason McGraw?

Well, the full story would take 47 years without leaving anything out, but luckily the info about his work in travel and luxury hotel media creation is summarized in this project from a few years ago.

In 2017 following the launch of the Profoto A1, Jeremy led a small team in Olbia, Italy to travel with and test out this groundbreaking photography light. Have a look at the video or click over to Profoto’s website for some “LIGHT” reading and photos.

More About Jeremy Mason McGraw

Jeremy Mason McGraw is a multifaceted artist and photographer who subtly blends elements of theater, magic, and painting into his unique storytelling through photography. Starting in the arts at an early age, he swiftly transitioned from magic and set design to painting and technical theater, laying the groundwork for his distinctive photographic approach.

McGraw’s photography, known for its narrative depth, evolved from his realization of its storytelling potential. His company, Global Image Creation, reflects over two decades of experience, focusing on luxury hotel photography and lifestyle imagery that subtly capture elegance and sophistication.

In addition to his photography, McGraw has innovatively contributed to the field with the creation of Halumin™, a new genre of lighting tool in an entirely new category of photography lighting called Open Cylindrical™.

McGraw’s commitment to art extends to community engagement, evidenced by his founding of the Creative Energy Project in Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas, promoting public art and community spirit.

Jeremy Mason McGraw’s journey from early artistic endeavors to global recognition in photography and invention embodies a journey marked by quiet confidence and a commitment to artistic excellence and innovation.

Jeremy Mason McGraw - Photographer and Inventor of Halumin
Jeremy Mason McGraw - Photographer and Inventor of Halumin

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