The Halumin H18 Shines in PetaPixel’s Review; Is it THE Best Light for Product Photography?

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your cameras and prepare to affix this report card with a magnet to your refrigerator. You know how we are always talking about how Halumin is the best light for product photography of the small kind? How its a single, easy to use and compact device that can save you time at every product photoshoot where you use artificial lighting?  Well, it seems we’re not the only ones raving about it. PetaPixel, a major voice in the photography world, has just put the Halumin H18 under the spotlight and now mama has something to brag about at the potluck​!

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Check out PetaPixel's Review of the Halumin H18.

The review started with a look at the setup process. Now, we’ve always said that setting up our Halumin is as easy as assembling IKEA furniture, but without the cussing, missing screws, and unintelligible instructions​​. The folks over at PetaPixel agreed, noting that once you get the hang of it, setting up the H18 is a breeze, whether you’re using speedlights, LEDs, or strobes​​.

Performance-wise, the Halumin H18 hit the bullseye. With each shot, the H18 handled reflections on shiny objects exceptionally well, making it an ideal tool for anyone serious about food, beverage, and product photography. Even shiny objects didn’t stand a chance under the precision of the H18, and the results were photos that popped right out of the background​.

PetaPixel further highlighted the unique inward-facing Open Cylindrical design of the Halumin H18. Unlike most light modifiers, which are front-facing, the H18’s inward design allows for intricate control of lighting. No other similar shaped light modifiers offer this level of customization without additional setup, making the H18 truly one-of-a-kind​​.

The only slight hitch? If you’re photographing larger products, the H18 may not be the tool for you. But as we’ve previously demonstrated, for most product photography, from power drills to cupcakes, fly fishing lures to luxury handbags, the H18 is perfect for the job you have to do, wherever you have to do it​.

At the end of the day, the big question is – should you buy the Halumin H18? PetaPixel’s verdict is a resounding yes, especially if you’re serious about product photography. And we couldn’t agree more​​!

So, if you’re looking for the best light for product photography, that’s designed to save you time and hassle, look no further. The Halumin H18 is ready to illuminate your path to amazing product shots. And remember, it’s not just about capturing an image; it’s about telling a story, evoking a feeling, and delivering a message. That’s what the H18, and all of Halumin, is about​​.

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