We’re not saying Halumin is a studio portrait light, but it can be one.

The best thing about Halumin is that it accentuates textures while not creating hard shadows. In a simple sense, this isn’t your typical studio portrait light. If you’ve been using a ring light or a beauty dish, or any other kind of soft lighting setup all this time, you will find Halumin different.

Halumin has been designed to create a closed lighting environment that hi-lights and expresses depth and textures in a unique way. It also happens to be able to do everything a ring light does. But a ring light cannot do what Halumin can… And that’s where the beauty of Halumin is!

What is Halumin and how can it help you?

@haluminphoto Replying to @dawnsearlylight1 Halumin is more of a dramatic effect when used on faces 🙂 #photographers #photographylighting #halumin ♬ pump it - 🍪

Halumin is a unique concept in lighting. It can function as a soft light when you use it that way and just like a typical soft light, it will not accentuate any textures in this setup. When you move your subject close to the staging area (the center of Halumin), the light changes in characteristics. It becomes a hard light source.

In this setup, just like any hard light source, it will start accentuating the textures. However, one difference is that it won’t produce hard shadows. Thus, Halumin is one light that behaves differently depending on how you place your subject in relation to it!

Halumin gives you a studio portrait light wherever you go

One of the best things about Halumin is that it accentuates texture. Therefore, if you want to create that slightly textured look, for example, an older freckled face, or the stories told by experienced hands, Halumin is the perfect lighting source for that style.

Hands Portrait Photography Lighting Modifier Halumin

… I know what you’re thinking at this point. We have often heard this  Halumin is nothing more than a ring light. But, we beg to differ!

Halumin uses what we call Open Cylindrical Lighting, and that lighting has its advantages. It can produce beautiful soft light. Just place your subject at the back of the staging area and away from the camera  and Halumin becomes a source of soft lighting.

That said, Halumin does what typical ring lights fail to do. Place your subject’s face within the staging area and immediately accentuates the textures, giving you the option to capture those exciting age marks for that slightly edgy-looking portrait. Ring lights will never give you that option!

Out-of-the-box Halumin works with your standard speedlights. For more power, you can use it with studio strobes using the optional Studio Lighting Adaptors (SLA). This immediately opens up possibilities because now you have a lot of power. You can use this power to create what is known as the rim lighting effect in your portrait photography.

Not that you can’t achieve a similar look using speedlights attached to your Halumin. But in this case, you’ve extra power in your hands!

You obtain the best results when a subject’s face is either at the far side of the staging area or near the center of the staging area. However, that’s not to say that you can’t experiment with it – and come up with engaging applications of your own.

If you do, please share your experiences with the rest of the Haluminati. Happy clicking!

Example of studio portrait light using Halumin
Example of studio portrait light using Halumin

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