Real Five Star Reviews of Our Open Cylindrical™ Modifier from Professional Photographers

Explore authentic Halumin™
five star reviews from professional photographers. Discover how our Open Cylindrical™ light modifier revolutionizes photography with versatile lighting, ease of use, and stunning results. See why experts choose Halumin for unparalleled photo quality.

Discover the Power of Halumin™: Real Five Star Reviews of Our Open Cylindrical™ Modifier from Professional Photographers

Welcome to our Halumin™ real five star reviews page, where real Halumin users from professional photographers to small business owners share their experiences with our revolutionary Open Cylindrical™ (OC) light modifier. The Halumin H18 is not just a lighting tool; it’s an innovation in photography lighting, designed to enhance workflow and your creative potential.

Why Photographers Love Halumin™ Open Cylindrical™ Lighting Modifier for Photography

  • Game-Changing Tool: Professionals like Gary McIntyre have praised the Halumin H18 by recounting amazing experiences using it the first time. “I took the first shot using it, the silence was deafening as we viewed the result.”
  • Quality and Convenience: Edward Robison notes how the Halumin H18 simplifies photography setups, allowing for high-quality images in various environments.
  • Diverse Lighting Effects: Our unique OC design provides a range of lighting effects from soft light to accentuated textures, all without harsh shadows.

Your Photography, Redefined

Whether you’re capturing intricate food shots, detailed product images, or vibrant portraits, the Halumin H18 adapts to your needs. It’s not just about the light; it’s about bringing your vision to life with simplicity and efficiency.

Join the Photography Revolution

Read through the experiences of photographers who have embraced the Halumin H18. Discover how it can transform your photography, streamline your workflow, and open up new creative possibilities.

Five Star Reviews From Halumin™ Users

This is the Way!


Mr Gary McIntyre

I cannot recommend this product enough. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and set up and is designed to fit most standard strobes and flash units, which makes it a versatile tool for photographers who use different equipment. When my colleague and I took the first shot using it the silence was deafening as we viewed the result.
The Halumin Light Modifier is a durable, versatile, and affordable lighting accessory that can help you take your photography to the next level.

So Good, It Feels Like Cheating!


John ONeill

I’ve had this product at my studio for a few months now and I’m nothing short of impressed with it in so many ways. 1) Super easy setup. The whole kit goes together in less than 5 minutes. 2) Quality of light. I’ve shot for over 20 years and I can honestly say it feels like cheating with how instantly you can create top notch lighting for products. 3) Material quality. It’s made of thick, durable materials that wont rip apart after a few uses. 4) Portability. I love how easy it folds up and fits in the carrying case. BOTTOM LINE: I’d buy this again. 10/10.

Halumin Makes Capturing Food & Detail Shots a Breeze!


Edward Robison

I think I was one of the first people to get the new Halumin H18 set, and I have to tell you, DANG this thing is well built!!! Every component of it is well thought out and carefully crafted.  I could go on and on about the build quality, but who cares how well it is built if it doesn’t help you to capture gorgeous images quickly and easily, right?  Well, the good news is that is exactly what this thing excels at doing! I’ve never used a lighting modifier that gave me such excellent results with so little work!

To capture  a super quick studio quality shot I can strap two speed lite flashes on the sides and hand hold the Halumin from its large and easy to grasp handle. The advantage to this way of working is you can quickly change the angle of the Halumin to get different looks from soft even light, to perfect rim light, to raking light to pull out all the fine details of the object you are photographing. It’s super versatile! Or if you like a slower more controlled approach you can add the accessory legs to prop it up at almost any angle to your subject as seen in my setup photo below. OR, if you are working with bigger mono lights, studio strobes, or LED lights for video, you can pop on the studio lighting adapters with the universal Bowen’s mount and you are good to go!

If I had one complaint it would be the size limit. The opening for your subject is only about 18 inches in diameter which limits the size of the subjects you can use it with. Of course this size makes the Halumin easier to transport and fold, but I would love an oversized Halumin for use in the studio with larger objects! 😉

Fyi, the photo of the steak and fries was shot with ONLY the Halumin with two speedlites strapped on the sides. I dialed down one of the flashes to give a little shadow on one side.

Awesome Product!


Dean Kinzer

Great tool to help enhance the objects you are photographing. I specialize in selling ancient coins and Halumin brings them to life. I have bought numerous lighting tools for my studio and this is hands down the best one. Thank you!



光正 二石

This is the most necessary item for my photo studio.
I use it with Profoto D2.

Hands down a 5 star product!


Meredith Mashburn

The hallumin has made my work so much easier for me. This one product shapes light in a way that I can only achieve with four different lights . I have been working with a Halumin for over a year now I am not easy on my gear. When I tell you, this is the best made product that I own, (photographically speaking); I am speaking the truth. A lot of thought and intention went into this product. It is made really well. If you are thinking about purchasing, stop thinking. Go ahead and make that purchase and thank me later!

Simply super!


Matteo Meregalli
Con i tutorial è semplicissimo ottenere risultati fantastici. Super consigliato! Stiamo ancora testando le potenzialità che sembrano infinite

Quick and easy


Bob Linder

Finally something came along that made “smaller than a breadbox” product photography quick and easy. No-brainer great light. But probably the best part is how well thought out the Halumin is. Obviously designed by a photographer for photographers. Great design and workmanship to last for years of use. The whole kit, lights and all, fits to a small bag at least for me using Canon Speedlights.

Seriously game changing tool!


Chris Heuer

“I’ve worked in production for 20+ years. I’ve lit scenes with a lighting crew and a truck full of lights, nets, flags, silks, etc. And I’ve been a solo run & gun producer lighting with a smaller kit. Maybe 3 to five lights, black wrap and a few C-stands.
Product shots have always taken time no matter what size the production. Using several lights to get just the right sheen, highlight, shadow or reflection while not introducing bad highlights, shadow or reflections is like threading a needle.
This tool does it in an instant. If it looks a bit off, its a small shift of elevation or angle and you get an entirely new look. Its so easy to experiment and it takes minutes, not hours. I hate the term “game changer” but Halumin has made me use it.
The attached images were done on a whim, in about 10 minutes, from the time I had the idea sitting on my couch to the finished shots on my phone. I used only my Halumin with two $90 Aputure MC RGBWW LED Lights that I rigged to the provided speedlight straps. Those straps aren’t meant for LEDs this small but a little Gaff tape gets it done!
Halumin’s build quality is great! This thing is WELL BUILT. The material it’s made of is thick. Solidly sewn & assembled. You don’t have to baby this tool. It will perform amazingly in real world production environments and feels like it will last for many, many years. My guess is I will buy a newer, updated model before this one wears out. If you have any doubts, don’t. This light (modifier) will deliver!

(also, the very heady beer pour is from a sadly underused tap this week. I’ll do better. Cheers!)”