Nailed It: How Halumin Matched CG Product Photography Lighting From the Apple AirPods Pro Campaign

Are you tired of lugging around bulky lighting equipment for your product photography shoots? You’re not alone. That’s why it’s time to ditch the hassle for small subjects and embrace the future of product photography lighting with Halumin. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how this innovative lighting modifier can effortlessly recreate the iconic Apple AirPods Pro look, leaving traditional setups in the dust.

Setting up the stage with Halumin

Imagine putting the days of fumbling with heavy gear and complicated setups. It’s easy if you try John Lennon. With Halumin, you’ll have your lighting in place in just five minutes! Start by unfolding the device and attaching your lights in three minutes. Then, take another two minutes to set up the Accessory Control Legs (ACL) for the perfect position. Voila! You’re ready to rock.

Why Halumin works wonders for the Apple AirPods Pro look

The original AirPods Pro image features a unique 360-degree hatchet light that seamlessly wraps around the product, illuminating its edges while leaving the front surface darker. Traditionally, photographers would need multiple softboxes and reflectors to achieve this effect, along with several stands and modifiers. Halumin, however, effortlessly achieves this look by design, powered by a pair of speedlights.

Apple Airpods Pro - Original CG product image from store display.
Apple Airpods Pro - Original CG image from store display.

The Halumin advantage: portability and consistency

One of the biggest perks of Halumin is its compact design. Everything you need fits into a small bag, making it the ultimate portable lighting solution for product photographers. Moreover, Halumin offers incredible consistency between projects, as the intensity of the lighting within the staging area remains relatively constant.

Capturing the perfect shot

With your Halumin set up and your speedlights powered, you’re ready to snap the perfect shot. For this example, we used an aperture setting of f12 with speedlights at 90% power. And just like that, we captured the stunning AirPods Pro look in a single shot – no need for extensive adjustments or multiple takes. Although, getting it in one take was kind of a fluke, it dose happen a lot with Halumin… Perhaps we are just really lucky a lot.

The product photography lighting from Halumin created this image on the first take.
The product photography lighting from Halumin created this image on the first take.

Packing up and moving on

Now that you’ve got your amazing shot, it’s time to pack up your Halumin and go. With its quick setup and teardown, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. How many times have you lugged around a ton of gear for a shot you could’ve captured effortlessly with Halumin?

Halumin is revolutionizing the product photography lighting game, making it easier than ever to achieve professional results with minimal gear and hassle.

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