Mastering Museum Photography with Halumin at Eureka Springs Historical Museum

Why Museum Photography is Important

Museum preservation photography is crucial for documenting and sharing historical artifacts. High-quality images allow museums to preserve the details of their collections, share them with a broader audience, and engage with visitors through various platforms, including social media. This is where the Halumin™ H18 light modifier shines. Its innovative Open Cylindrical™ design allows photographers to capture professional images quickly and efficiently, making it an ideal tool for museum photography.

Eureka Springs: A Whimsical Town with a Rich History

Eureka Springs is a beautiful, artsy, whimsical town nestled in the Ozark Mountains. With its unique and colorful history, it’s no wonder that the Eureka Springs Historical Museum is a must-visit. This small town offers a captivating story, from the discovery of its healing springs to the vibrant community it has become today. The museum is filled with art and artifacts that tell the story of this charming town.

Using Photography Lighting Tools of Halumin at the Eureka Springs Historical Museum

We recently had the opportunity to photograph a few items from the Eureka Springs Historical Museum collection using two different Halumin setups: the H18 freestyle set powered by speed lights and a studio set powered by LEDs. This dual setup allowed us to explore the benefits of both approaches and demonstrate the versatility of the Halumin H18.

Halumin™ Freestyle Set for Fast Portable Studio Lighting using Speedlights
Halumin™ Freestyle Set for Fast Portable Studio Lighting using Speedlights
Halumin™ Studio Set - A Better Alternative Than The Best Light Box for Product Photography and Museum Photography
Halumin™ Studio Set - A Better Alternative Than The Best Light Box for Product Photography and Museum Photography

Portable and Versatile, Open Cylindrical lighting: The H18 Freestyle Set

As a professional photographer, I prefer the Halumin freestyle set for its portability and versatility. It allows me to move around the museum and capture items in various lighting conditions. During our shoot, we set up the Halumin on top of a museum case in front of a window, creating a unique background that differed from the typical black studio backgrounds. This setup gave a sense of authenticity, showing that the items were photographed on the museum floor.

User-Friendly Studio Set for Phone Photography

Jeff, the museum’s director, often photographs with his phone. The Halumin studio set, powered by LEDs, enabled him to set up a photography station and capture “what you see is what you get” images. This setup is perfect for museum staff who need to document artifacts quickly and easily using their phones.

Portrait of Eureka Spring's Historical Museum Director Jeff Danos. Captured using Halumin™ Freestyle Set - Open Cylindrical™ Lighting.

Capturing Interesting Objects

We began by photographing some intriguing objects from the museum’s collection. Jeff dangled a key upside down, creating a dynamic shot. We then moved to a flat lay setup using a cutting board from the gift shop and the Halumin supported at an angle. This versatile lighting allowed us to capture the textures and details of the artifacts beautifully.

Collaboration with a Professional Museum Photographer

To showcase the full potential of Halumin H18, we enlisted the help of Edward C. Robinson, a real museum photographer and Halumin user with experience at major museums like the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas and the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock. Edward and I walked around the museum, using the Halumin to photograph various objects in place, demonstrating the ease and efficiency of this lighting tool.

Conclusion: The Perfect Tool for Museum Photography The Halumin H18 proved to be an invaluable tool for our museum photography project. Its portability, versatility, and ability to create soft, even lighting without hard shadows made it ideal for capturing high-quality images of the museum’s collection. If you’re traveling through Eureka Springs, be sure to visit the Eureka Springs Historical Museum, located at the entrance of downtown. And if museum collections photography is part of your world, check out Halumin. It will make your photo shoots of small precious items fast and easy.

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