Master 3D Printed Toy Photography with Halumin: Achieving Black on Black Photos the Easy Way

Once upon a time, capturing the intricate details of a black 3D printed toy, particularly against a black backdrop, was as elusive as your confused parents “understanding” a 13 year old Hot Topic goth from the suburbs. But don’t get your lip ring in a snag, as that old tale is about to be rewritten. This photo tutorial video features, Halumin, the light for your 3D printed or any kind of toy photography needs making quick work of a sometimes tricky photo situation. Just like those elusive black on black photo selfies you capture in that dark bedroom you made for yourself in the basement.

The Halumin Effect: Transcending Traditional Toy Photography Lighting

“I printed this oversized Benchy so that you don’t have to,” So, what’s that all about? It’s the story of a 3D printed Titanic Tugboat, better known in the 3D printing world as a “Benchy”, and its journey to stardom, all thanks to Halumin.

For those selling 3D prints, toys or creators keen on amping up their photography prowess, Halumin brings a glimmer of hope. This lighting tool helps you achieve professional-looking images faster and easier, and the best part? It does not demand you to be a wizard of photography lighting. LARPing was never your thing anyway.

The Perfect Black on Black Photoshoot Setup

After setting up our Halumin Freestyle set. That is the Halumin H18, powered by two speed lights and supported by two accessory connector legs (ACL). We lean the assembled Freestyle set against the bottom edge of a table with the staging area close to the table top.

Next we lay down a plank thru the staging area, supporting a 10×10 Plexiglas tray filled with charcoal. This is our “Black Ocean”. You know what I’m talking about. As our Titanic Tugboat sets sail across this endless expanse, the stage is set for some 3D printed toy photography magic.

Black on Black Toy Photography Positioned Upstage in Halumin - 3D Printed Benchy
Black on Black Toy Photography Positioned Upstage in Halumin - 3D Printed Benchy

Lighting Adjustments Simplified with Halumin

The open cylindrical geometry of Halumin makes finding the perfect lighting as easy as moving your subject around the staging area. If you seek contrast and texture, just move your subject towards the camera or downstage. For a softer, more diffused look, move your subject upstage or away from the camera.

As the Benchy is positioned in the center of the staging area for a test shot, adjustments are made to highlight the entire silhouette and create a dramatic flow across the Benchy’s body. By moving the Benchy around and in and out of the staging area, you can achieve different levels of detail in the light and different looks. No additional lighting adjustments needed, all you need do is adjust it’s position and quickly capture an image and move on.

Set to Center Stage and Ready for Toy Photography Lighting with Halumin

Achieving the Impossible: Effortless Black on Black Images

Halumin’s open cylindrical lighting geometry inherently separates the textures of the layers of the composition within the staging area. Even black subject on black background photos can pop easily and clearly without any special knowledge of lighting. In a few minutes you have beautiful professional looking images and you didn’t even have to flip your Cure album to the B-Side.

“When you have a photography job to do, Halumin can help you achieve professional results without the hassle.” So, next time you’re working on your 3D printed toy photography, remember the power of Halumin. It’s the game-changer that can make your black on black photos stand out like never before!

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