Light Cookies Like The Best Food Photographers Easily Using only Halumin for Photography Lighting

We’ve all seen those mouth-watering food advertisements that make us want to reach into the screen and grab a bite. But let’s be honest, traditional advertising doesn’t always hit the mark. For instance, a recent Oreo ad didn’t quite convince me to buy a pack of Oreos and make this video… That’s a ridiculous suggestion. However, since I independently decided to buy this bag of Oreos with no outside influences, let me demonstrate how you can light small food items like cookies effortlessly using Halumin™, just like the best food photographers do.

The Challenge

The challenge here is not to replicate the lighting in the Oreo ad, but to explore how Halumin™ can treat food items in similar poses. The goal is to keep the setup simple and quick, something that Halumin™ excels at.

Equipment Needed

  • Halumin™ H18
  • Two speed lights
  • Camera

Initial Setup

  1. Place the Halumin™ H18 on the table.
  2. Position the Oreos in similar poses as seen in the ad.
  3. Power the Halumin™ with two speed lights.
An Oreo Cookie Photographed Top Down at an Angle Using Halumin

Shot 1: Angled View

For the first shot, the Oreo needs to be slightly elevated off the table. Use a small piece of plastic but you can use any available material to achieve this. Position the Oreo so that it lies parallel to and 1”-2” off the table surface. Take the shot from an angle where the support is not visible.

Flat Lay Photography of an Oreo using Halumin for Photography Lighting

Shot 2: Top-Down View

For the second shot, simply move the camera directly overhead of the Oreo and capture the image. Nothing needs to change on the Halumin or camera settings.

Halumin easily lights small food items like Oreo cookies like the best. food photographers

Shot 3: Dramatic Texture

The third image is a bit more complex. It involves the Oreo scooping into a blob of peanut butter. A sight common in my kitchen, post sandwich consumption. To make the setup more dramatic and to accentuate the textures, use one of Halumin’s blackout strips. Place it on the light control ring surface that faces the front side of the Oreo, relative to the camera. This acts like a big negative fill panel, blocking some of the light and creating a darker reflection. You will also want to move the cookie in towards the blackout strip and move it slightly towards the edge of the strip. This position will allow some of the light from the ring to illuminate the front of the Oreo while the blackout strip blocks light on the other side of the cookie, creating a gradient lighting effect.

Additional Tips

  1. To let more light in on the backside of the Oreo, lift up the part of the light control ring that’s on the top behind the Oreo.
  2. You may need to adjust the Oreo to sit at a height that puts it right in the middle of Halumin’s light plain. The center of the cookie should be slightly above the center of the Halumin for a look similar to the example pic. 

Halumin™ makes it incredibly easy to achieve professional lighting for food photography. Its patent pending Open Cylindrical™ design allows for a wide range of looks and effects without the hassle of setting up multiple traditional lighting tools. So the next time you’re inspired to capture some delicious treats, remember that you can light cookies of any other deliciousness like the best food photographers, easily and quickly, using only Halumin™ for your photography lighting.

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