How to Do Product Photography with a White Background Using Halumin

Are you an Amazon FBA seller or Shopify store owner wondering how to do product photography with a white background? Do you want to create professional photography for ecommerce quickly and easily? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Halumin, a revolutionary photography lighting modifier, to quickly and easily achieve stunning product photos with a white background.

Why White Background Product Photography?

White background product photography is a standard requirement for many e-commerce platforms, including Amazon. It helps to highlight the product, eliminate distractions, and create a consistent look across your product listings. But achieving a perfect white background can be challenging, especially for white products. That’s where Halumin comes in.

The Halumin Advantage

Halumin is designed to make lighting professional photography of small products easy and fast. With Halumin, you can create high-quality white background product photos using just one speed light, even in a confined space. Here’s how:

How to Do Product Photography with a White Background Easily Using Halumin
(unedited image) White Background Product Photography with Halumin

Step 1: Set Up Halumin

Attach the Halumin accessory connector legs to the bottom of the Halumin body. Extend the legs out to make a platform for Halumin to stand on. Flip the upstage light control ring out all the way around the perimeter. Lay Halumin against the edge of a table or use a board or plank to extend it over the edge.

Halumin sets up in about 3 minutes. Once deployed, attach the accessory connector legs and prop the H18 against a table.
Halumin sets up in about 3 minutes. Once deployed, attach the accessory connector legs and prop the H18 against a table.

Step 2: Create Your White Background

Take a white piece of poster board and cut out notches on the bottom so it can slide through the opening of Halumin’s staging area. Hang the poster board off the back of Halumin using simple Bulldog Clips.

If you don't have a product shooting table its very easy to make your own with some poster board and some bulldog clips.

Step 3: Install the Speedlight

Install the speed light on one side of Halumin with the light source pointing up. On the other side, use the cowl to completely cover the light port.

Halumin can be powered by a single speedlight or Continuous LED

Step 4: Place Your Product

Place your product in Halumin’s center stage and angle it slightly towards the side where the speed light is installed.

Place you product at the center of the staging area of Halumin and you are ready to go.

Step 5: Take Your Photos

Now that you’re all set up, zoom in with the longest lens you have, frame your composition, and take your photos. The results will be professional, white background product photos that are perfect for your Amazon seller listings.

With Halumin, white background product photography is no longer a daunting task. Whether you’re an Amazon FBA seller or an e-commerce business owner, Halumin can help you create professional product photos quickly and easily. Try Halumin today and see the difference it can make in your product photography.

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