How the Salami gets made: in-store retail photography with Halumin at Eureka, Charcuterie of Arkansas

In the quaint, picturesque town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, life moves at a different pace. Nestled among the Ozark Mountains, with its winding streets and Victorian architecture, it might seem like a place where not much happens. It may not seem like a place that instantly brings to mind thoughts of retail photography, certainly not the kind of place that you think to search for a local salami shop. But beneath the tranquil surface, there’s a vibrant culture of artisans, each honing their craft with a passion that’s as palpable as the morning mist that often shrouds the town. One such place, a little off the beaten path, is Eureka Charcuterie. Here, in this unassuming shop, a feast of locally made salamis and spreads awaits, each one a testament to the town’s rich artisanal culture.

Arkansas Salami 

Every morning, Scott Dobbins, the proprietor and head Salumist of Eureka Charcuterie, wakes up pondering the important question: “Should I wear the salami hat or the flat hat?” This is the kind of humor and charm that permeates Eureka Charcuterie, a cool little shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, that offers handcrafted and locally sourced salami spreads and other delicious treasures.

We decided to pay a visit to Scott’s shop, not just to try some of his awesome creations, but to photograph them in-store using only Halumin, our compact and portable photography lighting modifier for food and products. Scott was kind enough to open up the store just for us on this day and personally showed us how the salami gets made.

A Food Photography Starter

As Scott assembled some of the plates and specialties like the spicy ‘F’n Hot’ and the unique Black and White, a black salami made with squid ink, we set up the Halumin freestyle set in the store. It took just a few minutes, and then we were ready to start our photo shoot.

The first plate was brought in, and we began to capture the artisanal beauty of Scott’s creations. As we photographed, Scott shared a little about his work. “It’s locally made here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, using Arkansas pork. Eureka Springs is an artisan town; this is my artisan contribution.”

Eureka Charcuterie was a great place to capture retail photography in-store with Halumin
Eureka Charcuterie was a great place to capture retail photography in-store with Halumin

Shedding Light on the Details 

As we moved from plate to plate, Halumin did its thing with no adjustments required. We just set the subject in, captured it, moved it, and put the next subject down. Halumin’s Open Cylindrical lighting can enhance textures without creating unpleasant shadows. No where was this more apparent than in the detailed shots of the salami. With its penicillin mold (not salt, as we learned), it looked stellar up close, under the lighting of Halumin.

The best part about Halumin is its lightness and compactness. This setup was powered entirely by speed lights, which means it’s so light that you can remain agile and move the Halumin around the shop as needed, hand holding it for each image. This is a game-changer in retail photography, where agility and speed are crucial.

Salami food photography details.
Salami food photography details.

Portrait Photography Made Simple

We finished up with a packaged product shot and a couple of quick portraits featuring Scott. The entire photo shoot was achieved using just the Halumin H18, powered by two speed lights, with no additional stands or lighting gear. This setup is light and compact, and the versatile design allows us to remain agile while using only the lighting gear that we walked in with contained in Halumin’s carrying case.

Portrait Photography with Scott Dobbins of Eureka Charcuterie, Eureka Springs Arkansas
Portrait Photography with Scott Dobbins of Eureka Charcuterie, Eureka Springs Arkansas

Retail Photography In-Store? No problem. 

So, how do you photograph retail items? With Halumin, it’s as easy as setting up, capturing, moving, and repeating. And the time you save? Well, we used it to try some ‘F’n Hot’ salami. It’s spicy, but you can taste it. And the texture when you bite into it? Absolutely perfect.

In the world of retail photography, Halumin is the light that guides you. Whether you’re photographing salami or any other retail product, Halumin helps you capture the best images in-store with the least fuss. So, put on your salami hat (or flat hat), and let’s make some art!

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