How Pizza Photography Lighting can be Fast and Easy with Halumin

We did not know we would be headed for pizza photography when we drove into Charlston West Virginia. When checking in, we asked the front desk for a good place to eat around there. 1010 Bridge Restaurant was strongly recommended for being locally sourced farm-to-table dining. After eating an incredible dinner we ended up talking to the owner Chef Paul about our meal and eventually Halumin. He invited us out for pizza the next day at his other restaurant in the area The Pitch – this one is a sports bar that specialized in Detroit style pizza!

Detroit style pizza? In West Virginia?! Chef Paul said when they were planning the menu he wanted to do something different. There were lots of options for New York Style pizza and deep dish, but Detroit style was less common and it offered the best of both worlds. His delicious blend of doughy crust and crispy cheesy edges made for a delicious pizza photography subject. 

@haluminphoto In West Virginia we took my photography lighting invention Halumin to meet Chef Paul Smith of 1010 Bridge Restaurant and The Pitch. We showed him how Halumin could make food photography for his restaurant fast and easy. He fed us some great pizza.!@haluminphoto #foodie #foodphotography #restaurauntlife #halumin #photographylighting #photographygear #pizza #pizzalover #restaurant ♬ The Loneliest Time – Carly Rae Jepsen & Rufus Wainwright

Halumin made quick work of it. Halumin’s open cylindrical lighting makes it easy to accent the textures of all those toppings. From the curled up crispy pepperonis to the stringy melted cheese. Capturing it all in your pizza photography is as easy as placing your pizza into the center of Halumin powered by your speedlights and photographing it with your favorite camera.

The images below were all captured in the dining room at The Pitch Restaurant using Halumin. 

Detroit style pizza photography from the pitch in Dunbar West Virginia using Halumin light modifier

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