Halumin™ Freestyle Set

Master various photography styles with the Halumin™ Freestyle Set. Designed for brand photographers, social media content creators, museum photographers, e-commerce photographers, and more, it’s the versatile choice for high-quality images.

Halumin™ Freestyle Set - Essential for Brand Photography, Products and More

The Halumin™ Freestyle Set is a dynamic tool, perfect for brand photography, social media content creators, museum photographers, e-commerce photographers, and more. It brings professional lighting to diverse photography fields.

What's Included?

  1. 1 Halumin™ H18 Open Cylindrical™ Lighting Modifier: A versatile foundation for creative and brand photography.
  2. Accessory Connector Legs (ACL): Providing flexibility and stability in various environments.

Who Should Choose the Halumin Freestyle Set?

Boasting glowing independent reviews on the photography megasites F-Stoppers and PetaPixle as well as dozens of excellent ratings on Amazon and Shopify, Halumin™ is a revolutionary new vision to simplify professional photography of small subjects. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts aiming to use speedlights, the Halumin Freestyle Set is perfect for those who require portable and fast brand photography, e-commerce product photography, museum collection photography, toy photography and more.

Why The Halumin™ Freestyle Set?

Enhance Your Photography Portfolio:

From capturing museum pieces in perfect light to creating vibrant social media content, the Halumin™ Freestyle Set is your go-to tool for superior photography.

Ease of Use:

Setting up the Halumin™ H18 Modifier takes about 2-3 minutes, with an additional few minutes to attach Accessory Connector Legs (ACL). Halumin’s Open Cylindrical™ design creates a variable lighting effect that ranges from soft smooth light to dramatic texture enhancing lighting, depending on the position of your subject in the device. This effortless versatility makes it a more powerful alternative than the best light box for product photography and museum photography; for both beginners and professionals.

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