With Halumin, delicious cookies and cake photography is easy.

Every baker knows that the better your cake looks, the more likely people are to buy it! The same is true for photography of your cookies and cakes. Although you can use natural lighting and other tricks to make your cakes look good in pictures, nothing will make them look better than proper lighting. Halumin, the revolutionary new photography lighting modifier makes photography lighting a piece of cake. Recently we put Halumin to the test capturing the best cupcakes we have ever tasted at Cupcake Wars Season 9 winner HappyCakes Cupcakery in moorhead city.

@haluminphoto Cookies and Cake Photography Lighting is easy even on location with Halumin. Today we stopped by HappyCakes Cupcakery in Moorhead NC can cpatrued food photography quick and easy with Halumin. #photoshoot #photographer #foodphotography #foodphotographer #cakephotography #cupcakes #cupcakewars @haluminphoto ♬ Check On It Bounce – ARNETT®

With Halumin, Cake Photography Is A Piece Of Cake!

You live in a world where #instadeliciouwsness is served to you on command whenever you open your favorite social media app. When it comes to desserts photography, there are plenty of ways to go wrong. Photos from your phone or from a professional DSLR all have one thing in common. Bad light makes a bad photo. Halumin takes the guess work out of beautiful photography lighting for desserts with its patent pending preset lighting environment that we are calling Open Cylindrical (OC) geometry. Halumin’s OC light shows off the rich texture of crust and cake, makes whipped cream and frosting look light and fluffy and keeps liquid drizzle looking shiny all without producing hard shadows. Halumin sets up in minutes and you are quickly ready to start capturing your photos. If you want to adjust the lighting all you have to do is change the angle of Halumin to your subject. Its intuitive and offers more control over your looks than a light tent. Its also faster and easier than traditional lights and stands.

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