Getting Started with Your H18

Congratulations on your investment in a better photography lighting experience with Halumin. Getting started is easy, just follow the simple steps on this page. Also, if want to explore creative possibilities and learn with other Halumin users you should join the Haluminati with the form below.  

Getting Started With Your H18

Thanks for supporting Halumin, the world’s first open cylindrical lighting modifier for food photography, product photography and more. If you are reading this page you probably received your order and want to get started using it so let’s get going. You can find setup and basic use instructions below.

Basic Setup for Your Halumin H18

Watch this short video to get started quickly with your Halumin H18.

How to Fold and Store Your Halumin H18

They say once you use one you will never go back… but how do you fold it up? Don’t worry, we got you covered with this quick video on how to store and fold your Halumin H18.

You Got Accessory Legs... Now What?

The Halumin Accessory Legs (ACL) make your solo freestyle photoshoots even easier and more consistent. Checkout this video for basic use. 

Setting Up Halumin with Studio Light Adapters

The Halumin Studio Light Adapter (SLA) connects your H18 to your favorite studio strobes and continuous LEDs via a Bowens mount.

What is Open Cylindrical Lighting?

The Halumin H18 is the world’s first Open Cylindrical lighting modifier… but what does that mean for you? Here is a quick video that explains it.