CHANGE How You do Coin Photography Lighting & Axial Lighting: Elevating Imagery with Halumin™

In the world of numismatics, the detail and authenticity of a coin can significantly enhance its value and desirability. Capturing the intricate details of ancient coins for documentation, sale, or digital presentation poses a unique challenge—one that traditional photography lighting often makes complicated. Enter Halumin™, an innovative photography lighting modifier that revolutionizes the way professionals and enthusiasts alike capture the essence of their coin collections. In this article we spend the afternoon with ancient coin dealer Dean Kinzer from Kinzer Coins , showcasing how Halumin™ transforms coin photography into a simple yet highly professional endeavor.

The Genesis of a Revolutionary Tool

Jeremy McGraw, the mind behind Halumin™, discovered its potential for coin photography early on in testing, with a timeworn Spanish Piece of Eight at the Branson Shipwreck Museum. He was impressed when the Open Cylindrical light of Halumin™ unveiled details previously hidden to the naked eye. This testing was one of many pre production tests for Halumin and he noted at that time, he should reach out to coin dealers for testing after Halumin was in production.

Lit With Room Light

Lit With Room Light

Lit With Halumin™ Open Cylindrical™ Lighting

Lit Using Halumin Open Cylindrical™ Light

A Collaboration with Kinzer Coins

The collaboration between Halumin™ and Dean Kinzer of was not just a meeting of minds but of passion and history. As they delved into the setup of the Halumin Studio set, powered by LED lights, the mission was clear: to demonstrate the unparalleled capability of Halumin™ in bringing to life the detailed beauty of ancient coins.

Dean Kinzer of Kinzer Coins - Coin Dealer Testing Halumin™ for Coin Photography
Dean Kinzer of Kinzer Coins - Coin Dealer Testing Halumin™ for Coin Photography

Open Cylindrical™: 360° Axial Lighting and More

The Halumin™ H18 simplifies complex photography lighting for  coins in cases. Its patented Open Cylindrical™ design allows for an intuitive process for axial lighting and more—simply moving the coin through Halumin’s staging area to achieve the perfect lighting. This method not only captures but accentuates the coin’s details, from soft light effects to pronounced textures with axial lighting, all without the harsh shadows and glare typical of conventional lighting solutions. Using Halumin for photography of coins in their cases while still getting rich detail is easy.

Lighting of a Coin in It's Case Without the Glare Using Halumin™
Lighting of a Coin in It's Case Without the Glare Using Halumin™
Lighting of a Coin in It's Case Without the Glare Using Halumin™
Lighting of a Coin in It's Case Without the Glare Using Halumin™

Integrating Halumin™ with a Coin Microscope

An unexpected revelation came when integrating Halumin™ with a coin microscope. This combination provided the perfect lighting environment for magnified images, proving Halumin’s versatility and effectiveness in revealing the minutest details on the coin’s surface, which is crucial for both collectors and dealers. 

Coin Photography Lighting Examples - Microscope Built-In Lights, Halumin Powered by 2 Lights, Halumin Powered by 1 Light

The Impact of Quality Imagery on Sales

Research consistently shows that high-quality images lead to higher ecommerce sales. In the context of coin collecting, where the value is often in the details, the ability of Halumin™ to provide superior lighting that highlights every nuance of the coin becomes invaluable. The ease with which photographers, regardless of their skill level, can achieve professional-grade images with Halumin™, is a huge value for the industry.

Silver Coin Photography Lighting with Halumin™
Gold Coin Photography Lighting with Halumin™

Halumin™ H18

A handheld Open Cylindrical™ photography studio for small subjects powered by speedlights.

A powerful photography lighting workspace configuration for your small subject photoshoot needs. 

Halumin™ Freestyle Set

A solo photographer’s essentials for Open Cylindrical photography lighting powered by speedlights. 

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