Flash On, Flash Off: Fly Fishing Photography and Handbag Photography, This is The Way

Handbag Photography and Fly Fishing Photography. Makes sense with Halumin :-)

Enter the Photographic Dojo Welcome, photography enthusiasts and curious internet explorers! You’ve discovered an exciting account of our latest Halumin adventure, a tale of triumph and learning through the power of the Halumin H18 light modifier. In this article we document the tale of the Halumin Kid and his fantastic battles in fly fishing photography […]

A Frosting Supernova of Cookies and Cake Photography

Cookies and Cake Photography Lighting made easy with Halumin

Hey, fellow frosting friends and cookie devourers! Welcome to the world of cookies and cake photography, where the mere sight of a well crafted cupcake photo can cause your cousin’s kid to go all candy crush on the dog. And let’s be real, in this social media-obsessed reality, a mouthwatering cake or cookie photo is […]

How Sneaker Heads Light Better Product Photography Fast with Halumin.

Sneaker Head Shoe Product Photography Lighting Modifier Halumin

Ask a few sneaker heads about what makes a great shoe and you are likely to get a lot of different answers. You hear about design, style, limited editions; one thing will be clear however, details matter. So it makes sense that when selling a great sneaker, you need a great image. Halumin can achieve […]