Who Is Jeremy Mason McGraw Anyway?

Jeremy Mason McGraw - Photographer and Inventor of Halumin

You may have come to this page thru a number of websites and social media pages and are wondering… who is Halumin’s Inventor Jeremy Mason McGraw? Well, the full story would take 47 years without leaving anything out, but luckily the info about his work in travel and luxury hotel media creation is summarized in this project […]

Meredith Mashburn – BRIGHT of the Haluminati using Halumin for Food Photography

Meredith Mashburn - BRIGHT of the Haluminati using Halumin for Food Photography

Welcome to the first installment of BRIGHTS of the Haluminati, a segment where we spotlight photographers who have revolutionized their lighting game using Halumin™. Today, we’re featuring Meredith Mashburn, an Arkansas-based commercial photographer who specializes in food photography. The Journey to Halumin™ Meredith has been a photographer for over 30 years, primarily focusing on commercial […]

You Don’t Need to be a Jewelry Photographer for Great Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography with Heidi J Hale and Halumin lighting

Jewelry photography can be tricky for many. Most try to capture with natural light but if it’s not a good day the product doesn’t look so great and that reflects in the image. Some find themselves using basic lighting from light tents, making do because they think only professional photographers will know how to get […]

Jewelry Photography Lighting Made Easy with Halumin

Jewelry Photography Lighting Bracelet

Halumin makes small subjects like this jewelry photography lighting really quick and easy. https://youtu.be/YOvWGSVKMf To get this shot, I raided my girlfriends jewelry collection and mounted one of her bracelets on a clip. I powered my Halumin with two continuous LEDs on stands so you can easily see the results. By adjusting the angle of […]

How Pizza Photography Lighting can be Fast and Easy with Halumin

Detroit style pizza photography from the pitch in Dunbar West Virginia using Halumin light modifier

We did not know we would be headed for pizza photography when we drove into Charlston West Virginia. When checking in, we asked the front desk for a good place to eat around there. 1010 Bridge Restaurant was strongly recommended for being locally sourced farm-to-table dining. After eating an incredible dinner we ended up talking […]