Sweet Food Truck Photography of Cookies with Chewks: A Bakery Photoshoot on Wheels

Food truck photography of cookies with Chewks

In the competitive world of food trucks, standing out on social media can make all the difference. One surefire way to set your operation apart is through professional, mouth-watering photos. Today, we’re diving into a sweet adventure of food truck photography of cookies with the help of Halumin™ H18. This blog will highlight how this […]

Mastering Museum Photography with Halumin at Eureka Springs Historical Museum

Mastering Museum Photography with Halumin H18 at Eureka Springs Historical Museum

Why Museum Photography is Important Museum preservation photography is crucial for documenting and sharing historical artifacts. High-quality images allow museums to preserve the details of their collections, share them with a broader audience, and engage with visitors through various platforms, including social media. This is where the Halumin™ H18 light modifier shines. Its innovative Open […]

CHANGE How You do Coin Photography Lighting & Axial Lighting: Elevating Imagery with Halumin™

Coin Photography Lighting & Axial Lighting: Elevating Imagery with Halumin™

In the world of numismatics, the detail and authenticity of a coin can significantly enhance its value and desirability. Capturing the intricate details of ancient coins for documentation, sale, or digital presentation poses a unique challenge—one that traditional photography lighting often makes complicated. Enter Halumin™, an innovative photography lighting modifier that revolutionizes the way professionals […]

How to take Pictures of UFOs, UAP of the Toy Photography Kind with Halumin

How to take Pictures of UFOs, UAP of the Toy Photography Kind with Halumin

Have you ever noticed how the most compelling photographic evidence for UFOs and UAPs often falls short in the realm of quality photography? It’s almost as if these mysterious visitors have a bad case of the “I don’t look good in pictures” syndrome, a plight familiar to many photographers. It seems unjust that such advanced […]

Why Do I Need the Studio Lighting Adapter for My Halumin?

Halumin™ Studio Set - A Better Alternative Than The Best Light Box for Product Photography and Museum Photography

Are you wondering why the Studio Lighting Adapter is a must-have for your Halumin™ H18? While the Halumin™ is a game-changer when powered by speedlights, offering portability and ease like a handheld small subject lighting studio. The addition of the Studio Lighting Adapter expands its capabilities tremendously. Let’s delve into how this adapter transforms your […]

How to Become a Photographer Using Halumin: Illuminating Small Subject Photography

How to become a photographer using Halumin

Photography is not just about capturing moments; it’s an art form that demands creativity, skill, and the right tools. In recent years, the scope of professional photography has expanded to encompass various roles, including content creation and 3D capture. Central to all these is the art of lighting, and this is where Halumin™ H18, a […]

Who Is Jeremy Mason McGraw Anyway?

Jeremy Mason McGraw - Photographer and Inventor of Halumin

You may have come to this page thru a number of websites and social media pages and are wondering… who is Halumin’s Inventor Jeremy Mason McGraw? Well, the full story would take 47 years without leaving anything out, but luckily the info about his work in travel and luxury hotel media creation is summarized in this project […]

Maximizing Amazon Product Photography with Halumin: Elevating Your E-Commerce Game

Museum Preservation Photography Lighting Made Easy Using Halumin

Are you an e-commerce seller struggling to capture the essence of your small products through Amazon product photography? Halumin is here to revolutionize your product photo enhancement process. Buy Halumin on Amazon now. Halumin: A Game-Changer in Product Photography Halumin, with its innovative Open Cylindrical™ (OC) design, offers an unparalleled solution for product photography. This […]