Capture Mouthwatering Sourdough Bread Photography Quickly and Easily with Halumin

It seems like just yesterday that sourdough bros were filling our social media feeds with their homee baked bread creations. I’m sure the bread tastes delicious, but that often does not translate to the images they use to showcase their masterpieces. Do you struggle with this as well in your restaurant or bakery? Do you […]

We’re not saying Halumin is a studio portrait light, but it can be one.

Example of studio portrait light using Halumin

The best thing about Halumin is that it accentuates textures while not creating hard shadows. In a simple sense, this isn’t your typical studio portrait light. If you’ve been using a ring light or a beauty dish, or any other kind of soft lighting setup all this time, you will find Halumin different. Halumin has […]

You Don’t Need to be a Jewelry Photographer for Great Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography with Heidi J Hale and Halumin lighting

Jewelry photography can be tricky for many. Most try to capture with natural light but if it’s not a good day the product doesn’t look so great and that reflects in the image. Some find themselves using basic lighting from light tents, making do because they think only professional photographers will know how to get […]

How Sneaker Heads Light Better Product Photography Fast with Halumin.

Sneaker Head Shoe Product Photography Lighting Modifier Halumin

Ask a few sneaker heads about what makes a great shoe and you are likely to get a lot of different answers. You hear about design, style, limited editions; one thing will be clear however, details matter. So it makes sense that when selling a great sneaker, you need a great image. Halumin can achieve […]

With Halumin, delicious cookies and cake photography is easy.

Cookies and Cake Photography Lighting made easy with Halumin

Every baker knows that the better your cake looks, the more likely people are to buy it! The same is true for photography of your cookies and cakes. Although you can use natural lighting and other tricks to make your cakes look good in pictures, nothing will make them look better than proper lighting. Halumin, […]

Jewelry Photography Lighting Made Easy with Halumin

Jewelry Photography Lighting Bracelet

Halumin makes small subjects like this jewelry photography lighting really quick and easy. To get this shot, I raided my girlfriends jewelry collection and mounted one of her bracelets on a clip. I powered my Halumin with two continuous LEDs on stands so you can easily see the results. By adjusting the angle of […]

Who Is Jeremy Mason McGraw Anyway?

Halumin's Inventor: Jeremy Mason McGraw

You may have come to this page thru a number of websites and social media pages and are wondering… who is Halumin’s Inventor Jeremy Mason McGraw? Well, the full story would take 47 years without leaving anything out, but luckily the info about my work in travel and luxury hotel media creation is summarized in this […]

¿Hablas español?

Spanish Language TeckDive Features Halumin on their Podcast

Spanish language podcast TecKDive featured Halumin in a recent episode and we are so glad they did!  The episode features a detailed overview of our Halumin lighting modifier and its Open Cylindrical geometry. We appreciate the opportunity to reach out to our Spanish speaking Haluminati.

Halumin’s Open Cylindrical Lighting vs Traditional Room Light

Flower Captured on Overcast Day After the Rain - Captured with iPhone

Who Should Use Halumin™? Amateurs and Professionals that use images of small items for their business will all benefit from Halumin’s Open Cylindrical lighting. Perhaps you are a creator, online seller or restaurant that uses images of your products but doesn’t have a photographer on staff.  Maybe you are a professional photographer that would like […]