A Crochet Artist, A Community and Halumin: The Photo Booth Near Me That’s not a Photo Booth at Bentonville’s First Friday

Hello, folks! Strap in and adjust your lens caps, because today we’re diving into a unique adventure. And no, this isn’t another one of those boring DSLR tutorials! This is about an event that was as fun as finding a long-lost ball of yarn in grandma’s attic. Remember Gina Gallina? The crochet artist who weaves magic with her fingers? Of course, you do. This story is all about her, Halumin (the photo booth near me that’s not a photo booth) and a day filled with creativity, community, and celebration.

Recently, Gina Gallina was commissioned for a grand project. She’s turning Bentonville’s 150th anniversary into some of her giant crochet fruit magic. How, you ask? By creating a new sculpture with the help of the community! This is where we came in, setting up Halumin at the First Friday event, right at Gina’s booth. Our mission? To capture the fun, the laughs, and of course, the beautiful crochet granny circles.

For the first time ever, Halumin, became the photo booth near me that it was never intended to be. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “A photo booth near me that’s easy to set up AND compact?” Yes, it’s true. The Halumin Studio Set was powered by two Profoto b10s, and we were ready to roll, ready to capture the radiant smiles and the vibrant crochet granny circles, all under the bright Bentonville sun.

What was really interesting about this setup, though, was Halumin’s compact form. You see, the 18” staging area, while not originally intended for portrait photography lighting, offered a unique dynamic. People had to squeeze in to make the photos happen. No standard poses, no rehearsed smiles. It was spontaneous, it was fun, and it made every click of the shutter a delight. It was like trying to crochet a sweater with no coffee – challenging but oh so rewarding after the nap! 

Now, I must admit, there’s something about constraints that fuels creativity. Whether it’s working with a tight space or a limited palette of colors, limitations often lead to results that are far more interesting than what we initially envision. This event with Halumin was no exception. Each photo captured the essence of Gina’s work and the spirit of Bentonville – fun, vibrant, and full of life.

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